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Another Year, Another Exercise in Futility

It is December 28th and I have yet to come up with a single New Year’s Resolution.  Oh, I have dozens of things that I’d like to resolve, but this year I am determined to keep them.  So that means I can only make resolutions that I will actually live up to.  In other words, I have limited myself to almost nothing.  My sweetiepie, on the other hand, knows exactly what his resolution is.  Each year his resolution is the same:  “I resolve to continue to drink beer.”  Hmmmm, not really the life-affirming kind of goal I am looking for.  Besides, I HATE beer.  I have to admit though, I am sorely tempted to make my first resolution “I resolve to eat food everyday,” you know, just to set myself up for success. 


Other years at this time I have happily sat down with pencil in hand (always pencil – it is easier to erase!) and made an exhaustive wish list of resolutions designed to create the perfect me.  I will eat better, I will keep a journal, I will meditate everyday, I will exercise everyday, I will be more attentive to my children, blah, blah, blah.  Failures, every one.  I continue to eat Doritos after every long run, I have a journal full of empty pages, I vacuum my meditation mat regularly to hide the accumulation of dust, and I continue to half-listen to my children’s daily diatribes about their lives.  I guess I exercise most days, but only because it’s my job, so that doesn’t really count either. 


Last year I decided I would be very serious and set only one New Year’s Resolution that I could focus all of my will on and then I would surely succeed.  I resolved to stay in better touch with my friends and family and, in particular, my grandmother.  I love my grandmother dearly and I know my chances to talk with her grow more and more precious with each day that passes.  I feel the same way about my other family and friends.  Our loved ones are who truly make our lives special, after all.  But I need to make a full confession here:  I am brutally awful at staying in touch with people.  Ask any of my friends.  I am sure they would say “Leslie?…  oh, you mean McEachran?  Yeah, I used to know her.  Is she still alive?”


I decided to set myself up for success by setting out a schedule.  I would call Gramma at least one weekend each month.  I would then work from a rotating list of friends to call or email on the other weekends. 


January went by.  I called my Gramma once but not a single soul more.  “Okay,” I thought, “well at least I didn’t completely fail.  I’ll do better next month.” 


February.  Called Gramma once again, but still missed out on anyone else.  “Damn.  I really wanted to be better than this.  Maybe I can count Facebook comments on statuses and photos as staying in touch?”


March.  Game over.  Clicking a ‘Like’ button on Facebook is definitely NOT staying in touch.  “Who am I kidding?  I suck.”  Resolution is an official failure. 


I feel like the whole ‘stay in touch’ resolution deserves another chance.  I am sure I would do better this year simply because I have accumulated more guilt to drive me into action.  Deep down, however, I know that although my intentions are as good as gold, my execution is more like as good as aluminum foil. 


Maybe what I really need is a whole new approach to this Resolution stuff.  Maybe, just maybe, I should just resolve to learn to like beer.