Teach at Benders!

 night yoga

I started Benders because I wanted a place where I could make my own decisions about how and what to teach.  I felt that I didn’t fit into a ‘traditional’ yoga studio.  The way-too-serious enforcement of funereal solemnity and sleep-inducing music were not my style.  The heavily-incensed, allergy-headache-inducing spaces made me feel confined and ill.  I want to be vibrant, joyous, loud and lively!  I want to have a space where I can convey the FUN and JOY of a yoga practice with my students!

I also want a space where I don’t feel like a rancher herding cattle into a pen.  Squeezing as many bodies onto mats as possible to maximize profits is not how yoga was meant to be shared!

Benders is a comfortable and inclusive space which fosters a real relationship between teachers and students.  It is a place where BOTH teachers and students are encouraged to discover their true self and to teach, learn, and live authentically.

If you are looking for a reliable, long-term studio where you can build your clientele and where you can share the beauty and life-changing aspects of yoga with students who are eager to learn, then Benders is the space for you.


Minimum requirements for teaching at Benders:

-200 hr certification or greater

-1 year teaching experience

-established client base

Other information:

Teachers are free to teach according to their own preferences within certain guidelines for conduct.  The Benders studio is a laid-back environment.  Students are encouraged to explore yoga within the context and experience of their own body.   Student comfort and safety is paramount in all situations.   A high potential for injury exists with certain poses (headstands, for example) and these types of poses are not taught at Benders.

All teachers must possess personal liability insurance.