Please see the class descriptions below to find a Benders class that meets your needs.  Don’t see what you are looking for?  Please feel free to CONTACT Benders with a class suggestion! 


Gentle YogaThis class moves at a slower, gentler pace to allow the body time to consider the possibilities of each pose. Chairs, bolsters, blocks and other supports are used to open up options for movement that may not exist otherwise. This class is ideal for those with physical limitations who feel that a Yoga Essentials class may be too aggressive for them at this stage in their journey.

Mind-Body Connection Are you looking to develop greater awareness and respect for your ‘self’ and your body?  This 60 minute class uses slow, conscious movement to develop mental and physical flexibility and strength to allow for an overall sense of connection to self and a general feeling of well-being.  Suitable for all shapes, sizes and ability levels.

Mindfulness Yoga – A slower paced Hatha yoga class – you will be guided through breath practice, movement, poses and meditations, to help cultivate self awareness and self acceptance and greater ease in mind and body. Suitable for all levels of ability.

Restorative Yoga – This 90 minute class restores & balances the nervous system and promotes deep relaxation through passive, prop-supported yoga stretching, mindfully gentle movements, and guided breath practices. Release deeply held tension and cultivate in-the-moment-awareness through safe and enjoyable floor-based practices that can be modified to your individual health needs. Suitable for all levels of experience and flexibility.  NEW:  Each class now includes a drum journey sound bath to deepen insight and integration.  See Mary Foran’s expanded class description here

Yoga & Meditation – This 60 minute class explores a gentle practice of yoga through mindfulness meditation and balanced body movement.

Yoga Essentials Looking for a general yoga class that is suitable for all sizes, shapes and abilities from beginners on up?  This 60 or 90 minute class uses an ever-changing assortment of yoga poses and experiences that may improve flexibility, range of motion, balance, strength, breathing, and mental focus.

YogaFlow – A 90 minute class that features a flow style of yoga with assists and individual poses where appropriate.  

Yoga for Runners – A 60 minute class for both walkers and runners to restore length and strength to tight, tense muscles. Everyone welcome!

Yoga for Women – The yoga we generally practice in the west was developed primarily by men for male bodies.  Although there is much to benefit from the various styles, it is important for women to create a practice that supports female bodies.  This class will focus on poses and breathing practices that help to increase strength and maintain flexibility in ways that support the female body and promote wellness for all stages of life.