About Benders Fitness & Yoga

Our Goal

The goal for Benders can be summed up in one statement:  fitness for all.  With that statement as its core belief, Benders has set out to provide an enjoyable experience of overall well-being for all its clients.

When you think about ‘fitness’ what comes into your mind?  Perfectly sculpted muscles?  Elite athletes?  Dieting?  It may surprise you to know that those ultra-low-body-fat models on the covers of muscle magazines are often TERRIBLE examples of fitness!

At Benders we know that true fitness is about one thing:  being your best self.  And being your own best self means understanding your own potential.  Perhaps you aren’t meant to be a mountain climber or a marathoner.  But you aren’t meant to be a couch potato either!  Each person thrives on a unique balance between physical, mental and emotional health.  If any one of those three things begins to fall out of balance with the other two, your overall well-being suffers. 

Your Goal

A consistent yoga practice can help you understand what your body, mind, and spirit need to work together to create your best self.  However, don’t assume that what works for your friend, sister, child, or spouse, will work for you!   Your needs are unique to YOU.   When you learn to understand your individual needs, you discover the key to developing and maintaining your healthy lifestyle.  You don’t need to follow ultra-restrictive diets or crazy exercise plans.  (In fact, the stress those things put on your body may actually have a negative impact on your overall health. )  True fitness is about allowing your body to meet its best potential without shame, without judgement, and without punishment. 

Benders offers a variety of teachers and classes to help every client meet their unique needs.   From the strength and stamina-building of BodySculpt to the mental and emotional renewal of meditation at Relax & Refresh, teachers at Benders encourage students to respect their body’s abilities and to allow those abilities to grow at their own pace.